Welcome to The Hadley pub , fancy a pint?

The Hadley pub within the Hadley Hotel has always been a mainstay in the local community. From Hadley Wood in Barnet ,  the legend has gone far around the country and world, with those who have visited enjoying perfect beer, and a comfortable environment. The recent refurbishment has dramatically enhanced the decor , however maintained the ambience. The Hadley  serves a large range of beers, ales , and lager , as well as a fully stocked spirits selection. The pub is open daily from mid-day and open to all.  Significant effort and planning was incorporated within our refurbishment to enhance the quality of our beers. This includes state of the art coolers with brand new lines , with extreme proximity to our bar, to ensure the perfect pint every time. To compliment our drinks selection we now also have The Hadley Restaurant. The Hadley pub is dog friendly and we even have treats for them, as long as the dog is always on a lead and well behaved. We look forward to welcoming you.