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The Hadley pet policy

The Hadley has historically been a meeting spot for more than just locals and guests from around the UK and beyond. It's also a hot spot with many pets especially dogs. Following the recent renovation of the hotel we have made the venue even more comfortable and dogs are welcome. Of course we do need to have certain rules in place. Dogs are allowed only in the Hadley Bar area. Dogs and other pets are not allowed to enter the Hadley restaurant area at any point. All owners must ensure their pets are on a lead at all times. Owners are fully responsible for securing and controlling their pets at all times.  Dogs and other pets are not allowed in any of the hotel rooms at any time. We generally offer snacks and food to our animal friends as well as water bowls. It's at the discretion responsibility and instruction of the dog owner or handler, whether or not the dog or pet is allowed to consume a certain food. The dog remains the full responsibility of the owner or handler at all times whilst inside or outside the venue. Please note, any hotel or bar staff are restricted from touching any pets, for hygiene purposes. Dogs are strictly prohibited from entering an area where there is food preparation. The Hadley Hotel ensure that adequate procedures are to be in  in place to prevent domestic animals from having access to places where food is prepared, handled or stored (or, where the competent authority so permits in special cases, to prevent such access from resulting in contamination. Dog owners and or handlers are respectfully requested to ensure the area where their dog rests inside the venue is kept clean, and in the event of an accidental spillage or mes, to notify staff . We look forward to welcoming you and all our furry friends at The Hadley !

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