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The Hadley Covid-19 Policy

After a long wait, our government has recently announced that we are able to reopen as from 4th July. Whilst we are excited to receive you all once again and we all wish for everything to return to normal, we must be mindful that we have been advised to proceed with caution. Our responsibility to our guests, clients and staff remain of paramount importance, and as such we will be following and implementing guidance issued by the government, which involves certain procedures , which form part of the license to enter our premises. 

Our rules listed below, have been implemented following a risk assessment undertaken, and references the official document provided by the UK government , which can be found here 

1. Capacity inside all areas of the hotel have been reduced to ensure that a 2m distancing gap can be observed where reasonably possible. In the event where this is not possible, significant measures will be implemented to lower the risk as much as reasonably possible. 

2. It is of paramount importance that anyone who is feeling unwell, or who has been in contact with anyone who has felt unwell , refrains from entering the premises. 

3. Anyone who enters the premises must use the hand sanitiser provided by reception and other areas of the building upon entry and exit . 

4. We strongly encourage the proper user of our hand washing facilities in our numerous bathrooms as frequently as possible, although some toilets will be restricted to one occupant in the toilet lobby at one time. 

5. Hand shaking , and close embracing of groups from other households is strictly prohibited so as to reduce and eliminate contact as much as reasonably possible. 

6. Anyone entering the premises will need to send a text message or email to the details provided upon entry.  These will be well documented at the point of entry . You will need to state your name and names of other people that you have come with and who form part of your household. The purpose of this would be in order for us to assists NHS track and trace by providing this data as much as possible. 

7. Inside and outside the venue we ask that all guests try to keep a distance between themselves and others and are restricted from gathering closely.

8. Entry to the hotel ( unless you are a hotel guest), will only be via the front door only. 

9. Internal seating has been reconfigured to reduce capacity and promote the social distancing objectives. Patrons are respectfully requested not to reconfigure our layout by way of moving chairs from their set out positions. A significant amount of outdoor seating will be made available and we strongly encourage sitting out doors ( weather permitting). 

10. A migration analysis will be conducted after the first week of operation to analyse behaviour and movement patterns, and this page will be updated on 11th July if necessary. 

11. Waitress service to tables is highly encouraged, however where not reasonably possible, anyone ordering from the bar must ensure standing 0.5m away from the front of the bar, which will ensure a 2m gap is kept between the guest and the bar man/woman. 

12. Guests are prohibited from shaking hands or close contact with any staff at any time. 

13. All staff members on duty will be encouraged to wear masks and gloves whilst on duty, and will be instructed to wash hands every 30 minutes. 

14. We strongly encourage contactless card payments, and prefer not to accept any cash whatsoever. 

15. For all table service , our waiters and waitresses will be limited to the same person handling the same table from start to finish, thus avoiding multiple contact with staff. 

16. Any high risk individuals are requested to keep a 2m distance from others at all times, and if necessary we are happy to further to impose further mitigating steps to ensure their safety during their stay at their request. 

17. No shouting or loud talking is allowed inside the venue. This is in order to mitigate risk of aerosol transmission. There will be no live performances and absolute minimal background music to help our guests not need to raise their voices to be heard. 

18. In the event of an emergency, the importance of quick and safe egression surpasses any of the rules mentioned above. 

19. Please note prior to the 4th July, a deep clean of the venue will take place with the use of steam where appropriate. This is on top of our general cleaning process carried out daily. 

20. A Temperature check is required at point of entry , prior to entering the restaurant or bar. 

Whilst we appreciate some of these measures may seem draconian, we feel it's the only way to mitigate risk and contribute to sustaining the long term health of our guests, staff, management and country generally. Anyone found in breach of these rules above may be asked to leave. If you would like any more information , have any questions , or would like more details on other measures we've put in place including access to our risk assessment please feel free to contact us

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