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Welcome to The Hadley restaurant 

Every good hotel , pub and bar, needs to be accompanied by an even better restaurant. We are proud to invite you to come and sample the Hadley restaurant at the Hadley Hotel. A ' fused grill ' sharing concept that will leave your mouth watering. Our menu is short and sweet, with our vision of providing the best version of well known hearty dishes. From succulent steaks to traditional fish and chips and vegetarian/vegan options, The Hadley puts its own spin on proceedings. The restaurant offers our standard menu complimented with daily specials , serving lunch and dinner. We also have some lighter options available at lunch time. On a Sunday we serve our gourmet Sunday roast throughout the day, with a vision to become 'Kings of the roast.  Food is served throughout the hotel, walk ins are always welcome, and we will not be taking reservations for anyone that wishes to eat in the bar side of The Hadley. We do however strongly advise on reservations within the main restaurant area. We look forward to welcoming you. 

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