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The Worst hotel stay you'll ever have

Welcome to Karen's Hotel

IF you thought Karen's Diner is bad, you've seen nothing yet! Welcome to Karen's Hotel - possibly the worst hotel stay you'll ever encounter. Get ready for an absurdly  fun experience. At Karen's hotel and diner experience you will be greeted by rude hotel staff and waiters and taken to a room where you never know what you will find. Relax if possible and then get ready for your Karen's diner experience where equally rude waiting staff will do their best not to take care of your needs. The Karen's Hotel and diner experience includes the room for your stay, your meal at Karen's diner ( drinks not included), and your breakfast the next morning. Prices start at £179 for the package ( per 2 people) - 2 people per room, which is due at the point of booking confirmation and is strictly non refundable. Please note that your booking is not confirmed until we call you and F'ing confirm it, and for the love of Karen, don't ask to speak to the manager. 

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