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Digital skin needling at Beauty Rehab

Digital Skin-Needling (also known as Micro Needling and MCA) is widely recognised both medically and cosmetically as an extremely effective treatment to any of the following skin conditions.

Trauma Scars
Post Surgery Scars (ie Breast Surgery etc)
Acne Scarring
Stretch Marks
Burn Scars/Burnt Tissue
Hypo Pigmentation
Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Skin Re-surfacing/Skin Re-

Using a digital needle in a number of configurations and machine speed settings (depending on the requirements of the treatment area), tiny needles are used to penetrate the skin, (targeting the problem area accurately and precisely) causing mild trauma to the skin which commences the natural healing process and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

The treatment is excellent for Scar Relaxation and Remodelling, Wrinkle Therapy, Full Facial Skin Rejuvination, Targeting Fine Lines & wrinkles (an effective alternative to using Botox & Fillers), Reduction in the appearance of Stretch Marks, Improve Vitilago/Hypo Pigmentation, Resurface Acne Scars/Large Pores/Pot Holes, Improving the appearance of Burnt Tissue.

Typically, a series of 3 treatments (in some instances, more) is required with a period of 4-6 weeks in between each treatment.

Treatments start from £100 – £250 per Session depending on the size of the treatment area (Discounts Available for Multi Session Bookings).

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